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We believe in supporting locally owned small business. We feel that the small businesses that make up our communities are the heart and soul of every town. We prefer to eat at a Mom and Pop restaurant instead of the large chain establishment. Often, small businesses have little or no advertizing budget; they rely on word of mouth more than anything.

The goal of Business To Light™ is to provide small businesses with a presence on the Internet. Many small businesses don't have web sites or any form of web presence which is why we had so much trouble finding venders to help us. Even companies with a web site failed to appear in our searches because of inadequate search engine indexing. Business To Light™ will enable all businesses who register a stronger web presence and more robust rankings or placements in search engines.

Business To Light™ is an answer to the need of a free business listing of businesses and their information. No fuss no muss. Just a simple search to find the local business you need. You can search by city or county.

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