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In these trying economic times every one of your business dollars counts. That is why we have made the cost of registering with Business To Light™ negligible to your bottom line! The cost of registration... FREE!. That's right; you can obtain a web presence, without a website, FREE! No hidden fees, no nickel and dime tricks. You will get your business name, address, phone number, email address, company logo, business description, driving directions, and a link to your company website if you have one. You will also receive search engine optimization of your information page which will help bring your Business To Light™. Click here to view an example

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Consider the cost of a half page ad in the local newspaper. You would need a half page ad to equal the amount of space you get on Business To Light™. The average cost of a half page ad in a newspaper that runs for only a day or two! Your newspaper ad can't be found in search engines but your information on Business To Light™ can!

Business To Light™ caters to small businesses who have limited budgets, businesses that can't afford pricey websites with expensive maintenance fees. We want to enable every small business the ability to be seen and noticed without the high cost associated with a full blown website. There are many businesses that invested in creating a website that still don't have a strong web presence because their site isn't properly indexed with the search engines. They've spent considerable money with poor results to show for it. Business To Light™ can help.

How is Business To Light™ different from other business directories?
The biggest difference is that you, the customer, creates and controls your own business content! You can update your information instantly, whenever you want! You don't have to wait for someone else to eventually change your business information. Another big difference is in the size of your listing, you get a big logo and large description area. Businesses without a website or web presences will stand a much better chance of showing up in search engines. Registration is inexpensive, quick and easy too! Business To Light™ also provides exceptional tech support that is responsive and timely.

Additional Services
Business To Light™ can provide a variety of additional services. The services that can be provided are building a website for your company, working on your current web site, search engine optimization of your current site, create your company logo, and digitally convert and size your company logo. Click here to request one of our Additional Services

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